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As a destination wedding photographer I tell strong emotions: Love is the protagonist with kisses, caresses and laughter; vibrations that as a wedding photographer I have to fully grasp with sensitivity and attention to make that moments unforgettable.

The photo session is carried out in perfect harmony, in agreement with you and with respect for privacy. Everything will be perfect!


In the wedding photoshoot I like to characterize male portraits with the power of light.
The preparation is no less than that of the bride. It is not uncommon to see the groom more excited than the future wife!
In any case, the groom is, and must be, a “tough” … but with the sky in his eyes!

Hand gestures are the strong point.

fotografo matrimonio Teramo


Chi siamo

What I’m looking for is passion, happiness, an uncontrollable smile, spontaneity.

In my way of working it is essential to get in tune with the bride: she will know that she can count on me at any time.
The portrait of the bride is one of the most fascinating parts of my work; I dedicate myself completely to a princess!

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The ceremony is definitely the focus of the day. The moment is unrepeatable!

You need organization, resoluteness, an eye for composition, but above all, promptness during the exchange of the rings.

The ceremony, wherever it is, is a sacred moment for spouses and families, and should not be disturbed. Discretion is the key.

Shooting Time

It is a moment that we generally plan together to optimize times and not make guests wait too long in the restaurant.

Abruzzo has many ancient villages, hilly landscapes, forests , villas, the beach, etc. The possibilities are many but you don’t need to go to the Moon, the superstars are you, and two happy eyes in love beat 2 vs 0 any location.

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We will spend several hours in the restaurant, we will not have the rigid times as for the preparation or the ceremony.

Dances, laughter, jokes, intimate moments, photos with the guests, cutting the cake, throwing bouquets and garters, fireworks. In general, these are the moments that happen and that must be told. Many structures offer truly suggestive glimpses for portraits, but a kiss and a little imagination may be enough.



The shooting day for the engagement is organized a few months before the wedding, it is an afternoon or a morning in which the couple have fun and become familiar with the photo shoot and the operators.

For the wedding photographer it is the moment in which he studies the best shots, the couple mechanism, who takes the initiative between the two and the distances; it is a very important moment for a natural and not laid service on the day of the wedding.

Wedding galleries

I believe that a wedding photographer should focus only on the images of a couple, but must be able to capture the style and character of the couple and their love story.
That’s why I always try to approach my way of looking and photographing with the style and way of being of each couple. The galleries that I deliver as a wedding photographer are the way in which the spouses can relive and immediately share their magical moments.

fotografo matrimonio Ascoli Piceno
Eleonora & Alessio - 30/07/2022
Fotografo matrimonio testimoni di Geova
Diletta & Lorenzo - 03/06/2022
Cavallino Rosso fotografo
Manuela & Piero - 10/09/2021
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Eleonora & Riccardo - 18/09/2021

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